September 27, 2018
2 months and 6 days left
until the event.
On behalf of Wear Red or go Naked Inc., I am delighted to invite you to sponsor our second annual Golf Outing benefiting Children with Congenital Heart Defects.  The outing will take place on September 27thth, 2018 at the beautifully scenic Timber Point Golf Course in Great River, New York.
Congenital Heart Defects are the number one birth defect affecting children today.  1 in every 100 children will be born with a CHD.  That is 40,000 children per year.  Out of those 40,000 babies born each year with a CHD, 25% will most likely need invasive heart surgery.  Congenital Heart Defects are life long, and can never be cured.  There is also no known cause of CHD, making it almost impossible to take precautions to prevent it from happening during pregnancy. 
With the support of sponsors like you, through all of our events, we have been able to raise a lot of awareness for Congenital Heart Defects and significantly help these families, who are dealing with the effects of CHD each and every day.  We have been able to donate over 1500 care packages to children who are in the hospital, recovering from a first, second, third or sometimes even more surgeries or procedures on their heart.  We have been able to donate a place to stay for families, who are traveling outside of New York to get the best care possible.  We have donated directly to help with medications, and sometimes something as ‘little’ as long term parking passes can positively affect each of these local families.  We have also donated directly to local hospitals, to help supply new books for a play room, or more comfortable seating for a family who is holding their sick child for the very first time after two weeks.
Your participation this year will enable our organization to continue donating to local families who are burdened with hospital bills, and other expenses that come along when your child is born with a Congenital Heart Defect.  Many of these families need to take weeks off of work, to stay local to the hospital in where their child might be recovering for an extended amount of time, with very little support from their job.  Medicine is life-long for a lot of these children, and can get very expensive for families to afford.  As children get older, they may need to miss a substantial amount of schooling in order to have procedures, or surgeries done.  All of these things come with unexpected costs, in which Wear Red or go Naked Inc., wants to help.
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