October 19, 2017
26 days left
until the event.
We welcome everyone to come and join us at our very first Golf Outing for Congenital Heart Defects.  This year will we playing in memory of Ashley Elizabeth Amore.  Ashley was born with Williams Syndrome, which affected the stregnth of her muscles throughout her body, because of which, caused her Congenital Heart Defect. 
On October 6th, Ashley will have her wings for 20 years.  We want to honor her name, and play in her memory.  We are currently working with the Williams Syndrome National Organization to find ways to donate money to local families, and children with Williams Syndrome who are preparing for upcoming surgeries and procedures.  

Most of these children, and adults, will have continuous operations for their entire life.  As you all could imagine, costs for surgeries, hospital stays, and care at home can get very pricey.  We are getting together to help with the burden of those things to local families.
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